"We have already triumphed over Smallpox, Tetanus and Polio - Hepatitis C could be next." - Dr. James Freeman, FixHepC.

FixHepC, has partnered with MonkMed for the REDEMPTION eTrials.

REDEMPTION - (REviewing DAA Efficacy Managing Patient Treatment In Online Neighborhoods)

Here is the link to USA Govt clinical trial https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02657694?term=redemption&rank=1

FixHepC is one of the leading proponents of a Hepatitis C free world and has hundreds of thousands of patients interested to be part of the REDEMPTION eTrials to get cured as well as thousands currently undertaking or finished generic treatment sourced from China, India and Bangladesh. The last of REDEMPTION series aims to eliminate all 185 Million cases of Hepatitis C cases in the world. Everybody, everywhere with nobody left behind.

MonkMed is a telemedicine portal that has helped thousands of Hepatitis C patients get affordable care and many are reporting viral load UND in as less as 4 weeks. You can read more about what people are saying about MonkMed here.


Here are two programs grouped by Genotypes and you may fall in one of them. Please don't wait and apply soon!

Genotype 2,3 are eligible for REDEMPTION 2

Genotype 1,4,5,6 are eligible for REDEMPTION 3