Privacy and Secure Sharing

Confidential Consultations

On MonkMed you can connect with a doctor by video, directly from your computer You can ask personal health questions directly to a doctor, and receive care and prescriptions as appropriate for virtual consults. While interactions on MonkMed are not anonymous (your name and health information are shared with the doctors you consult with), they are secure and confidential.


How We Protect You

Your Identity is Private

    Your identity is private

    Personally Identifiable Information is not visible to others

    Video consults are confidential


We are Secure

    We provide Bank-Level Security and encryption

    Our website is verified secure by VeriSign (Symantec), and is tested daily

    Virtual Consults on MonkMed are HIPAA-secure


Our Privacy Principles, Privacy Constitution & Member Bill of Rights

MonkMed's Privacy Constitution & Member Bill of Rights

Our Pledge to You:

We are here to help.

We are here to help you connect with doctors and find helpful health information including useful answers from trusted doctors. We ask only for data that can help us provide this service to you, and to use the data provided to improve your experience on our service.

We are safe and secure.

We will keep the personal information that you provide to us safe and secure. Our data security practices always meet or exceed industry standards. We use technology, policies, and conduct, together with a privacy-centered company culture, to ensure that your data is safe.

Your Identity is Not For Sale.

We won't sell your personally identifiable information.

Your Rights:

You control your privacy.

You control your privacy. Our experience is designed to keep your information anonymous and secure. You can add, remove, or update the personal and health information in your Profile at any time.

You share what you want.

Sharing is a matter of personal choice. Other than registration information, you are not required to share any information with us to use MonkMed. You share what you want, when you want, and sharing is not required to use MonkMed.

You are entitled to know how we use the information provided to us.

You have the right to know what Personally Identifiable Information we collect and how it is used. Our sharing preferences are transparent and our Privacy Statement discloses this information.