How can I Add Bananas to my Diabetes Meal Plan?

Although bananas are acceptable even if you have diabetes, moderation is the key.

You can add bananas to your food in the following ways-

·      Eating a whole banana is a better option compared to having it in smoothies or juices.

·      Always choose a ripe but not an overripe banana. Starch constitutes 80-90% of the carbohydrate content in unripe bananas, which as the banana ripens changes into free sugars. A yellow banana with a slight greenish hue is an ideal choice.

·      Choose a medium sized fruit. The bigger the banana, the more carbohydrates it will contain that will affect your blood sugar level.

·      A ripe banana can be made diabetes friendly by sprinkling some cinnamon powder on it. Cinnamon contains antioxidants. It also helps regulate the insulin response and reduces the blood sugar level.

·      Eat some protein with the banana. It can help to prevent any blood sugar spikes.


Dr. Trupti Shirole

Ayurvedic Physician

[email protected]