Why Should you opt for Natural Medicine

Over the years, people have used natural medicines to prevent, heal and ensure good health. Herbal medicine has its roots in almost every culture across the world. The philosophy and practices are influenced by social and climatic conditions, but all these systems agree on a holistic approach to life.

Here are some reasons to go back to nature and use natural remedies to treat common ailments-

Lower risk of side effects:

Although western medicine can be wonderful in saving lives in times of acute ailments, there are several side-effects associated with the use of prescription medicines. On the contrary, herbal medicines are mostly well tolerated by the patients and have fewer or no side effects.

Some prescription medications may also cause addiction. It is very hard to reverse this addiction. On the other hand, herbal medicines are not habit forming.

Effective in chronic conditions:

Herbal medicines are effective for long-standing health complaints that sometimes do not respond well to traditional medicine.

One such ailment is arthritis. Modern practitioners generally prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to manage pain symptoms. But, alternative medicine approach for arthritis - dietary changes like adding herbs and eliminating certain food items from the diet, detoxification and massage therapies - help to manage the disease in a better way.

Cost effective:

Herbal medicines are cheaper as compared to the conventional form of medication. In fact, several such herbs having medicinal value are easily available at home. For example, garlic helps reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Helps Prevent Diseases:

Herbal medicines can help prevent diseases and grant you a longer life and better quality of life, too. For example, Amla slows down the aging process. It also helps boost your immunity and prevents common respiratory infections like cold and cough.

Holistic approach:

As opposed to allopathic medicine that treats only the symptoms of the disease and parts of the body associated with it, natural medicine treats the patient as a whole. It helps in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Herbs are medicines, and like other medications, they too have some advantages and disadvantages. Visiting a certified practitioner for the correct diagnosis, appropriate herbal remedy and its dosage, is the most practical way to use alternative and complementary medicines.