Simple tip to increase IQ

Brain Games, Brain Training, Puzzles

Many people swear by doing crossword puzzles and sudokus to keep their brain as sharp as possible. Companies that sell brain related puzzles and games tend to market the fact that they will help you boost your IQ and become smarter. What these games have potential to do is give your brain some exercise. They make you think and put forth some mental effort which is a good thing.


Dual-N-Back training – This is a game that torches your working memory, and requires sustained time and effort.

Crossword puzzles – Crosswords make people think and can keep your brain stimulated.

Lumosity – There are specific brain training protocols on this website.

Puzzles – Other types of puzzles that make you think and focus are good for your brain.

Video games – Games like brain age and big brain academy may help your cognition.

Sudoku – This is a popular game involving logic and numbers.

It was found that “memory training” helped give kids an IQ boost. Most of these games will help stimulate brain activity, thinking, and memory. If you are going to use a brain game in attempt to boost your IQ, research the program and determine whether others have had success with it as well.